The “ideal nose” is one that is harmonious with your other favorable facial features. Our perception of beauty helps define what makes an ideal shape for a female or male nose. There is also a bit of an artistic element to this, so the ideal cannot be boiled down to simple lines and numbers. However, artists and plastic surgeons alike have devised some guidelines or proportions that represent the aesthetic ideal. This was done by studying faces that are universally thought to be beautiful. (see Knowledge is Power). Artists have long made studies of beauty and aesthetic proportions and, today, facial plastic surgeons must similarly understand beauty in order to make changes that can enhance their patients’ beauty.

Human beings are social creatures by our very nature, and to me, the importance of actual beauty in human life is proven to me time and again by the responses from patients after a successful rhinoplasty. I hope that this book was helpful, as you explore the possibilities of rhinoplasty.

Daniel G. Becker MD FACS