Chapter 1: Nose Reshaping: An Overview

Chapter 2: Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Chapter 3: Your Consultation

Chapter 4: Preparing for Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Chapter 5: Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Chapter 6: After Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Chapter 7: Revision Rhinoplasty

In Closing

Patient’s Guide Appendix

The Ideal Nose
Surgical Techniques
Form and Function

I owe a special thanks to my family for their love and support.

I owe special thanks to my mentors, colleagues and friends: M. Eugene Tardy Jr., MD FACS, Dean M. Toriumi MD, Robert W. Cantrell MD, Paul A Levine, Charles W. Gross, Richard F. Edlich, Stephen S. Park, and others for their mentorship, collegiality and friendship.