I want to take some time to talk about a specific problem of the septum, a deviation of the caudal (or front part) of the septum. Deviation of the septum at this location, at the front near the nostril) can block nasal breathing and also cause an unsightly appearance. Surgeons over the years have found this to be a relatively difficult problem to treat, and there are a lot of different solutions that have been proposed. Dr. Norman Pastorek and I have recently published an article in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery entitled “Treating the Caudal Septum.” In this article, we proposed a very simple technique that may be called the “door-stop” technique. We take advantage of the natural anatomy and are able to flip the cartilage to the opposite side of the nose, securing it in such a way that it straightened very reliably. Since I learned this technique, I have also passed it on to others who have also reported to me great success with this technique. So, I share it with you today as it can simplify things a great deal and may allow you to treat your patients with greater success.

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