Trichion: Anterior hairline in the midline

Glabella: Most prominent midline point of forehead, well appreciated on lateral view Nasion: Most posterior midline point of forehead, typically corresponds to nasofrontal su­ture

Rhinion: Soft-tissue correlate of osseocartilaginous junction of nasal dorsum Sellion: Osseocartilaginous junction of nasal dorsum

Supratip: Point cephalic to the tip

Tip: Ideally, most anteriorly projected aspect of the nose

Subnasale: Junction of columella and upper lip

Figure 1.
Nasal analysis: Landmarks.

Labrale superius: Border of upper lip

Stomion: Central portion of interglacial gap

Stomion superius: Lowest point of upper-lip vermilion

Stomion inferiors: Highest point of lower-lip vermilion

Mentolabial sulks: Most posterior midline point between lower lip and chin Pogonion: Most anterior midline soft-tissue point of chin

Menton: Most inferior point on chin

Cervical point: Point of intersection between line tangent to neck and line tangent to sub-mental region

Nation: Point of intersection between line from subnasale to pogonion and line from cervical point to menton